Regarding over sleeping


Also, please do the same with - -
Wake it up!

Thank you!


Hi. My website sleep so long time.
Pls fix it.


Hi friend, please fix mine as well!


Please fix mine for sleeping about 3 days, I badly need it now for my project :frowning: Thank you in advanced


Please, wake up my page!


set an appropriate time for sleep, but why is the site not asleep at the desired time and not waking up


Hi, I am unable to login my file manager. I am getting an error of wrong details but it is not wrong


Please can you wake up them? I have to present it to somebody before I upgrade to pro.

Thank you guys !!



website does not wake up

sleeping false

said 16 o’clock, yesterday evening was sleeping

now edited to another time, nothing happens

i think i will quit this service

not able for using


Same problem :frowning:

My website always sleeping too



My site too is always in sleep mode. I guess all good things come to the end. Bait and switch maybe?


is sleeping more than 24h ?


also my website is showing sleeping again. Can you not solve this problem like before, like supun sir did.
my website


Our website is also showing sleeping once again. We have read the server upgrade notifications but we hope this would be taken care of as soon as possible as it does cause a certain amount of inconvenience. Don’t ask us to Upgrade to Hostinger as you have provided an option here which is pretty good!!!

Just have this rectified please people and we are all good to go.
Much appreciated & a sincere thanks in advance! :sunglasses::+1:


Hi please fix mine as well.


My site was sleeping for 8 hours, i think that it only had to sleep 4 hours…
Its possible taht it happens because this page stop sleeping when anoter of my pages start to sleeping and it makes a bug or something?
Is this site:
And “bosterol” is the other one start sleep after him.


So, my site has been put to sleep permanently. The URL is

Can this be fixed as a matter of urgency.



Site sleeps last 10 hours. Please fix it. Thanks.


I have noticed the same today. Yesterday site was alive, but today it sleeps, although they insist that free web sites could be at sleep only 1 hour, maximum 4 hours :frowning.
Today my site seems to be “404 Not Found”, although I can edit my files ??!!