Remove 000WEBHOST Branding in my second site


I have one site up for past 5 months. It has option as turn off webhost branding. So no branding was there.

Now i uploaded one more site and now the webhost branding could not be turned off. My website is only a display of my work. One is my profile page and another is my shop site.

The problem is the branding is turned ON on both sites. I have been using freenom for free domains. So when i have been using custom domains previously its not a problem. Now it is.

There wouldn’t be any visitors to my site and i havent crossed any bandwidth usage. Please help me to turn off webhost branding.


Hi @gunasuriya
There are two possible answers


What if i use only one website.


Even so, branding will be there. (I think) Admins are offline right now. You have to wait until they comes online to get the correct answer.


Branding appears on all accounts parking a domain unless it is a Hostinger domain.

You can unpark all domains to remove branding or else purchase a Hostinger domain.


But the branding didn’t appear until i created new website. Even my old website had a custom domain from another vendor. It didn’t provoke any branding. Why now?


Can you try deleting your second website and check whether your first website has the branding?


Yes i have deleted my second website… Even now there is branding in my first website… I cant turn it off in my first website now…


Does your first website have a parked non-Hostinger domain? If it does then this will be the reason we are rolling out branding onto any account using parked domain which is non-Hostinger.

For removal of branding

  1. remove parked domain and use free 000webhostapp URL
  2. use a Hostinger domain
  3. upgrade to premium


I have the same Problem,but i have only one site.
I can’t remove the banner, but i haven’t parking domain.
Can you help me to do this?


Are you getting an error @reform?


Thank you for your fast reply!
I can’t switch off the banner in general settings.
I tried to make an e-mail forwarding with (i’m not a professional) and maybe that was the problem,but i haven’t any parking domain.
This is an error,or with witch method can i switch off the banner in the future?


If you purchase a domain from Hostinger and connect it to your account, you will be able to turn off the banner. :slight_smile:

You can get one here:


In gereral settings it is not aviable in the future?


What do you mean? :slight_smile:


To turn off the banner with the turn off switch…


You won’t be able to turn it off unless you get a domain from Hostinger. Once you do, you can turn it off. :slight_smile:


And i need to buy it once, or monthly?


One you buy the domain from the link below, you will need to renew it yearly. :wink:


I have read this adwerisement,but there is an mounthly amount to pay…It is not so…