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Review Hell -

so… i’ve been running this site for about 2 months now and i’d like to know your thoughts.

i only write reviews on web hosts i’ve actually used, so no bullsh*t advice saying you should sign up with this host or that host (just so i could earn big affiliate $$$)

leave any and all comments about my site here. or you could also leave comments directly on my site if you want. thanks. :slight_smile:


I’m also with MDDhosting - yes they are a little more expensive but best hosting I’ve ever used. Website looks good, maybe work a bit on your SEO.

“review hell” doesn’t return your website on a google search, I had to type “review hell web hosting” and it returned this:

Review Hell - Brutally Honest Web Hosting Reviews‎
I have personally tried several web hosts and I decided to write brutally honest reviews about them. No crap, just genuine reviews from a real customer.

That description isn’t to good from a SEO point of view, for one I wouldn’t use slang or swear words and you are also trying to match your keywords as best as possible to your description and <h1><h2><body> content - if you want google to index you highly that is.


true. not something that i’m overly worried about tho, i’d rather rank for specific terms like _____ review or _____ coupons :slight_smile:

thank you for your feedback!