Send html form as email to a non gmail email account


I have tried using php mail() before when I am sending html forms thru emails to a gmail account. But for my situation now, my client wants the forms to be sent to their official marketing email account, which is not a gmail account. So I wonder if php mail() will still work even if that’s the case? I really dont have much knowledge in sending emails. Replies to this post is highly appreciated. Thanks!


Yes it will still work the same.


Sorry to use this existing mail but as per my tests on a free account , sending emails (text mail in my case) is possible only to gmail account .

I have searched on the forum unsuccessfully the answer.

Please can you confirm the php mail status on a free account ( only to Gmail accounts ) ?

Thank you


@gerardosamara As said above by Andrius…yes it is possible.

Make sure you’ve enabled “Send Mail” option from your Settings – General.



php is to all accounts, however some services may blacklist 000webhost and there is nothing apart from contacting those companies that you can do.

So if you sending to Yahoo and it never arrives in spam or inbox then contact Yahoo and ask them to unlist 000webhost.