Sendmail from form suddenly stopped working


I started a post about this once before, but it just got closed without me getting any answer. Here’s my problem:

I uploaded my page about a month ago, bought a domain name that I linked to the host, and everything was working fine. Then I tried to test the form a couple of days ago, and it doesn’t work. Nothing has changed on my end, and I cannot find anything wrong.

My form is sending to two email-addresses, both to my gmail directly and to my domain. The address that is directed at the domain is then forwarded to my gmail. When I tested it a month ago, the last one was working, but not the one set up directly to my gmail.

The strange thing is that when I upload my page to business catalyst (adobe server), it works perfectly and I actually get two emails. I get the one that is sent directly to my gmail, but I also get the one that is sent to my domain, and then forwarded to my gmail. So the forwarding obviously works.

So, I have been told that this might have something to do with my settings for DKIM, DMARC, SPF and MX records for mail. The only one of those I can find any settings for are the MX records, where it says that “MX:” and also that I cannot edit because I have email forwarders set up. I am new to this myself, so I have no idea what to do.


The sendmail server for 000webhost may be blacklisted somewhere if you can use this script on another provider fine.

Try contacting your provider


Which provider are you talking about? Do you think the problem lies with gmail?


Most probably the sendmail function is one of the most abused features these days and 000webhost is always being targeted by abusive users so I could say that without a doubt 000webhost sendmail will be blacklisted in many places and GoogleMail (for me anyway) is the least spam receiving service I’ve ever used.

Are you using a plain sendmail script or have you SMTP sendmail setup?


I assume you have checked spam?

Tried looking at the email headers to see if you get a bit more information?


I have checked spam, and I have checked the filter/blocking settings on my account. Don’t know what kind of script I am using, I am using a standard contact form from Adobe Muse. Right from the program it looks like this:

In the email header it says that the mail has been sent from the e-mail I use on my domain, via

I have tried contacting google now, hopefully I’ll get an answer from them.


Could I change the MX records so it doesn’t use the 000webhost adress? If I change it to Google, Google should have no problem accepting it…?


Er sure but then your domain email will be handed by Google which costs money I think?

Sendmail server will still be the same


I fixed it! I sent it to a hotmail address, which then forwards it to my gmail. First time I had to fish it out of the hotmail trash, but second time it worked :smiley: Hope it will stick this time…