Server outage?

Is there an outage affecting :confused: I cannot access the website It does not seem to work. Any suggestions? :confused:

Server #42 is under the maintenance
We are currently performing a maintenance on the Server #42. It is estimated that this maintenance should be completed within 1 hour.

Please do not submit and tickets about this issue and do not increase our work load as we are fully dedicated in resolving this server problem. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

It seems that your website is now working now. It looks like it is under redirect.

  1. Well why didn’t the members login page say so?
  2. I didn’t see a notice when i accessed the cPanel for that website…:confused::confused:

This msg is from the members login page :slight_smile: I took it from there
Anw, everything is back to normal now

Your website is now working fine again.

Thread Closed.