Sessions not working


php sessions don’t seem to be working. I am trrying to install Luxcal ( but the installation reports ‘Sessions not working’.

However when I try phpinfo(); it reports that the are. Any clues on what’s going on would be helpful!

The error message is

Warning: session_start(): open(/storage/ssd4/884/1598884/tmp/sess_ef98tqkfharhe8v6fqb02plhqp, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in /storage/ssd4/884/1598884/public_html/luxcal452L-calendar/install452.php on line 155

(sessions not working)

Further: On further investigation the tmp directory in the above error messsage (/storage/ssd4/884/1598884/tmp) is defined in the php.ini file as the ‘upload_tmp_dir’


Can you please send a screenshot?


@KeithT Add this piece of code in your .htaccess file, which will solve your issue,

php_flag output_buffering on


Hi @KeithT

Make sure your tmp file is there in your main directory.


I’ve put it in an .htaccess file in the /public_html and it doesn’t work should the the .htaccess file be somewhere else?


The installtion ‘Test’ button (at the bottom of the screen shot) action creates the temp file I presume to test if sessions are working

This is the bit of code that produces the error

//test session variables
if (!empty($_SESSION) and $_SESSION['lcSess1'] == 42 and $_SESSION['lcSess2'] == 'hitchhiker') {
	$okiMsg[] = "PHP sessions Ok\n";
} else {
	$errMsg[] = "PHP sessions not working<br>Check PHP installation on your server\n";


Go to your file manager. ( Post a SS here.



Don’t go to public_html folder. Go to / and check whether there is tmp folder. If not create one.


Your a star Supun - that seems to have fixed it! I’ll go ahead and try the actual installation
If it was that easy why couldn’t the author of the Luxcal php code answer my question?!
I assummed that the tmp directory was at a higher level not accessable to users


tmp folder is there by default. But, somehow it was deleted.

Anyway, we are happy your problem is fixed. If you have any other problem please post here. :wink:


The installation was successul thanks a lot. There is only one other thing - is it possible to move the 000webhost branding to the centre of the frame at the bottom?


You might be able to do that with css. :wink:


OK thank’s I may have changed my mind actually!


Can I close this thread now?