Site and FTP stop working or works extremely slow after small ftp upload


My site just stops working along with FTP if i upload 8-9mb worth of data in 300-400 files.
I though i have 10gb of bandwidth…its very inconvenient and annoying
I have to wait for awhile until site starts working again.
Error - "took too long to respond."
It’s like i am capped to very low capacity…nothing close to what is promised


@iaimmiac Have you read the pinned topic at the top of the forum.
There is an issue presently with 000webhost servers…it may take sometime to solve.

Or you can use file manager to upload your files

Or upgrade to premium to avoid such issues.


10GB of visitor bandwidth is it not?

Try capping your connections to 5 to see if that solves it

Or just upload them as a zip and unzip using File Manager or unzipper.php