Site down (Browser displays page saying unable to handle this request)


My site seems to be down for nearly 6 hrs now. I was working on customizing Wordpress and it randomly went down. Now everytime, I try to go to it, it just gives me a page saying “ page isn’t working. is currently unable to handle this request.” I couldn’t try through a different browser, so far I’ve only tested on Chrome. But I also tested via mobile and it gave me the same page there also. I’ve cleared my cache and cookies to no avail. Can someone look into this? Btw, mywebsite in the url above isn’t the actual name of the site. I can provide that here or msg it you if you need it.



Adding more info. The browser also says HTTP Error 500 below the error message that’s displayed like I mentioned above.


What is your website…?



More updates: Currently, seems to work, but once I log into cpanel and it goes through https, I get all the above said error messages. Normally, I would be taken to the site with the WordPress bar above the website where I can click and Customize my wordpress or go to the wordpress dashboard, etc. Currently none of that works.


As of now your website is up and running.


sorry, I had replied and it got caught in the spam filter somehow. anyway, the site works on http somehow but it doesn’t through https. So if I login through cpanel and then try to go to the website, it gives me all the errors above. Normally what it would do is show me the website with a Wordpress panel above it where I can customize Wordpress, etc. Currently, it doesn’t do that. Thanks for checking into it though.


Yeah HTTPS is for premium users so load your site using http:// and not https:// check your wpconfig admin settings site URL is set to http:// etc


That’s the thing though, I can’t even get to the wordpress admin pages. I can only get as far as logging into cpanel. From there, i can’t get anywhere to the wordpress dashboard. This includes where I’d normally be able to login to my wordpress account and edit.


Visit general settings in the control panel and fix file permissions?


did that. didn’t do anything.


If it was me I’d just reset the site and reinstall WordPress again since it doesn’t look like it has any content yet but that is just me.