Site Not Working - Help


The license popup can be fixed by contacting the creator of the template.


The text should be typing on the screen


Oh! I guess it is working now


It is… that is a screenshot :slight_smile:

Can you provide a license number so I can contact the developer by telephone tomorrow? +61 411 817 912


It’s working the way you want for me now, the popup is appearing, the text is typing, and the reviews are horizontal.




Yeah! Don’t know what happened. Just had to delete the site and re-upload


Hi Again!

Now just one issue. I changed some images on my website, but they only show on and not Why is this?


Have you cleared your browser’s cache?



I did not. They are working now though.

Hey @Infinity and @sulliops!

I am creating different version for different languages. I created to redirect to and redirect that to That worked well. Now, is there a way to add redirect the /en subdirectory so all of the pages there do to https? I want to do this for all subdirectories.

@sulliops I only set it to redirect It does not redirect subdirectories. Any sugesstions?



Since your Cloudflare rule is setup to redirect all HTTP requests to HTTPS, this will apply in all directories.