So i need to migrate my wordpress to another server


Everything goes fine. I m migrating with Duplicator plugin in wordpress. i run all the process everything goes fine. The only problem is i cannot assign the new databse user to my old databse. is there any way if i could assign user? Or i wont be able to migrate. Because i think there is only one user allowed for each database.


Can you try accessing wp-config.php file and changing db credentials?


i can edit that and will add the informaton of old databse. But it will only connect through old database and it wont have data in the new database. so if i delete the old website even after transferring the website to other host it will give me an error cant estblish a databse connection.


What is the website in question?


its a wordpress website hosted through 000webhost.


Yes, what is its address?



Great, I’ll look into the issue and reply with the results.


It just shows a freshly installed wordpress site


Yes because when i transferred this website last time i deleted the old database and the new website and old website both stopped working so i freshly installed it again.


Can you upload the old again? I will try linking them


ok i will upload the data or maybe if i try transferring this newly installed?


How did you backup the old wordpress site?


Through the Duplicator plugin in wordpress. it gave me installer.php and file which i will upload to new site.


Can you use that plugin to restore your site?


No that would be my another plugin. i dont have data now


i m currently uploading the installer and archive files to new site to see if it succeed.


However duplicator allows to back and restore backups


I think i deleted that backup but if it transfers this way it will be great


i just needed it on a new site.