SSDR - Dog rescue and adoption - What do you think?


So this site was created to draw more people into the cause
Whilst they play around with the site they are also learning about adoption of sled dogs.

Heres the site:

So did it work are you drawn in?


Wow, that is a nice design with Html5 I am guessing…


Thanks and Indeed.


Best viewed with Google Chrome or Firefox…
When will Microsoft get on the HTML bandwagon???
Just like your website…lots of great HTML games have been coming out also…

Maybe windows 9 won’t have the shortcomings of Windows 7…
How well does windows 8 handle HTML?


Nice work. Did you use a template for this? If yes, which one?


No its my own work.


OS system has little do to with rendering Html/code
that is mainly down to the browser itself and graphics card and ram if its a big site rendering graphics like 3D,
This site was designed and created in Windows 7 so yeah… Operating system has little to do with rendering code as said before its more to do with ram, graphics card and browser.