Subí mi aplicacion e inicia lapáginapero cuando va a consultar la base de datos no trae los datos. Copio el query que genera la página y lo ejecuto dentro de phpmyadmin y si trae el registro. Serán permisos?


By now I only bought a domain for test.
Finaly I got the page working at:
But again I am having: Error Number 1044 “Access denied for user ‘id2179606_susy’@’%’ to database ‘id2179606_dbmaple’”.
Identically as on before page, this is for the user rights accessing the database.
It’s more, the database accept the connection from the application giving me this mesage: "Localhost via UNIX socket “
Also, among other $_SERVER values, I got this:
[“PHP_DOCUMENT_ROOT”]=> string(37) “/storage/ssd1/606/2179606/public_html”
[“DOCUMENT_ROOT”]=> string(37) “/storage/ssd1/606/2179606/public_html”
[“SERVER_ADMIN”]=> string(23) "
[“HTTP_CONNECTION”]=> string(10) “Keep-Alive”
[“HTTP_PROXY_CONNECTION”]=> string(10) “Keep-Alive”
[“HTTP_HOST”]=> string(10) “”
[“HTTP_X_REAL_IP”]=> string(14) ""
This say I am working on “public_html” directory and the connection is established

The curiosity is that I can access this database with the same user by phpMyAdmin
What next?


What’s your SQL connection code?
Remove your password from it before posting it here.


I create a new database with your own phpMyAdmin and is working fine!


So your problem is solved?


Also, just as a parenthesis, you can’t access your database remotely on free plans.