[SUGGEST] Please, Add an Indonesian Forum!


Well… I want to suggest you one more…
I need the Indonesian Forum here, so all the Indonesian people that can’t use this language (I mean, English) can post on this forum.

Thanks! :smiley:


I think this is International forum who may teach and learn each other.
If you need Indonesian forum, below link will useful,
***[COLOR=“Blue”]Indonesia Expert Forum[/COLOR]***

You may ask your own thread / forum there :slight_smile:

Hope this info help your requirement


but I want to post in this forum… :frowning:


If more people request this forum it may be added.


Yes, if MORE people will request for it, we will consider adding new forum


OK then, I’ll show you those people that request about it…

then you see the member named “EVA-00” on post #66, he/she will request about this… :smiley: (that’s true…)


If you don’t know about this language, OK, I’ll translate it…

EVA-00 says :
yeah… there are many Indonesian people in this forum, how about to add the special thread for Indonesian language, how about you, agree???

I taught this forum has many Indonesian people… OK… keep explore your brain guys…


I vote for Indonesian forum.


Or should we make our on forum ourself? I have created the Indonesian forum on my blog. Unfortunately is not in this forum.


oh thanks for all… Admin, can you create the Indonesian Forum in this free web hosting forum?


I am not from Indonesia, but if you check this page out: http://www.co.cc/domain_list/domain_list_country.php you can see Indonesians show the most insterest in free domains and perhaps in free hosting the same way.


I Vote for Indonesian Forum!


I vote for Indonesian forum too


i’m agree with forexall,
it is better if 000webhost.com make forum for specific topic/interest and not for specific country.
“be global and be as one”, i think…


it’s not about specific country, it’s about language. sometimes you can communicate better in your native, especially in technically problem like web hosting. with better communication, I think someone can solve the problem better too, right?


to admin, can you add Indonesian forum here?? because now there are a lot of member voting for this forum…


Saya Setuju! = I Agree!..:smiley:

anyway…how bout the server today? i still can’t access my site…



That site doesnt work cause it goes into a loop until its blocked by the server.


so? what can i do?


Well, I cant see the code for your site, cause it loops till its blocked. Id have to see the code.

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