Suggestion for cpanel "Powered by 000webhost" branding


We should have the ability to move it to other corners or other places and have an option out of like 3 to which one should be on our website like the one now image and than some others to choose from. and also to make it bigger or smaller but to a minimum size like the minimum would be the current size and the max would be like 3x the current size.


@mantas.daraciunas please check :slight_smile:


Hi @Saxo_Broko

Thanking to your idea, it will be added to the cPanel in the future. However you can use following css trick to style it

body > div:last-child {
your css here…

Mind that you dont use document.body.appendChild js code in the runtime. It will crash the system. To avoid all of these problem you can upgrade. :wink: