Switching from free to premium



I am currently using the free services to host essentially a blank website with just some PHP, and a database for work. I have had some issues with connection to the database as well as a message saying that with the free service the site would be down for 4 hours a day.

I am about to switch to the premium service but I would like to know if that will immediately help with connection problems and what if any additional configuration I will need to go through after upgrading.


Basically everything is solved there.


Thank you, could you also confirm the domain being down for 4 hours a day. I got a message claiming that in order to provide free service to everyone the site would be inaccessible for 4 hours a days when I sent a POST to the site, however I could not find any information on it anywhere else. Also if you could explain any additional config I need to go through after upgrading.


When upgrading, all limits are cut off!