TheLocalBay Showcase


First of all i just wanna say hello :slight_smile:

In recent times i have been wondering all about Hosting and creating a site, although this one here is a one page effort and all that is needed really.

I’m more into Blogger, tried Wordpress and threw that out the door since html/javascript doesn’t seem to exist and didn’t bother looking for add ons.

With Blogger my original set up for thelocalbay was removed when my account was removed for something unrelated and i lost a few blogs along with it. it’s then i tried Wordpress and then my first Hosting with 000Webhost and using the Zyro set up, all good except one thing. “Title” sits as “Home” but i guess that’s a Zyro issue not here, so a look into that later.

Anyway, enough of me talking here’s my site. TheLocalBay :slight_smile:


Read no 10 :wink:


Oh ! i better upgrade then, will in a few days, don’t wanna break rules at the start of all this :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up matey, cheers.

ed] Well i’ve upgraded and wouldn’t have a clue what to do… More learning i guess…


What is the purpose fr creating hash. you have used zyro builder for creating website??

Website Looking Good Bro. xD