This subdomain is already taken


Hello my name is Demian, today I change the new panel, and change my regrets email, it was previously and I changed it to the problem is that it does not let me register my old subdomain lcdistribuidora .site40net because it tells me that it is in use by another account (newlife.snk@hotmail) when i try to register again the account to be able to access and use it from there it tells me that no I registered on the site, when I try to register it tells me that a user already exists with that email. Then I cant log in to get my subdomain

I dont change mi email for :frowning: this email is already in use

Sorry for my bad english


@demiancaceres Make sure you’ve deleted your old panel.
Unless you delete your old panel…you can’t add email or register the same free sub domain.


thnks for repley, Yes, I desactive old subdomain, and deleted account , and migrated a new panel, but change mail registration for




Can you login via this link,


no, i dont login in old panel whit


@demiancaceres PM me your login details.Let me try from my side.


Enter your profile but I do not know where to send PM,
How do i do



@demiancaceres Click on my avatar and hit message.


I have an identical problem. I tried to migrate to the new panel but just ending up deleting my whole website and now I can’t even login ( Says “no user exists with such an email”.
I created a totally new site with everything different thinking that I could then just recycle the old subdomain.
But I get message “subdomain already taken”. How can it be taken if the entire site was deleted 5 mins before?
I really need that old subdomain! How can I regain control of the old sub-domain? Help!


@middlepermian can you login via this using (


“No user exists with such email”.
I believe i did make it to the new panel but the instructions were so poor, i believe i must have deleted the ‘new’ account.
Not that there appears any difference between them but i did attempt to login to both old and new panels. I know i deleted 1 profile, from c-panel.

I don’t care. I just want my old sub-domain / alias back to use with my totally new account.


@middlepermian PM me your account login details.


I have the same problem when move my website.

I own the free sub-domain named “” with Account before. And I try to move it to new panel today.

I had already delete old account in the old panel.
Then I try to create new account, howevery , the sign up tip me that “Please use an email address from a reputable email provider (like GMail or Yahoo).” It seems that I cannot use the old email to sign up new website.

Then as a result, I have to use my Gmail to register it.
But I hope to get back the old free sub-domain named “”. However, I got the message about “subdomain is already taken”.
But I had already delete old account in the old panel, so I cannot login again…

Please help me to get back it, thanks so much.
I remember my password for old panel , Or I can send an email by to prove I am the owner of this old website.


@moonyuyangzhou You need to verify the same email(one on old panel) on the new panel.

Then Go to “Set Web Address” – “Add Domain” – “Free Sub Domain” – Type “bluezone” and select “” from the drop down


I cannot change my email settings to the old one, because of " Please use an email address from a reputable email provider (like GMail or Yahoo). "

It seems that “” is not accept in the new panel now.


@moonyuyangzhou what is your new verified email address on the new panel??


New email is this one :

And my old email is (which tip me “Please use an email address from a reputable email provider” by system; so I cannot sign up new account by this email OR change email settings to this one )


sorry, there is no message function to PM you…