.Tk scam!


Just read that if your site has some success,

.TK will mysteriously make it disappear from you DOMAIN PANEL log in

Just found this online and there are plenty of people who can attest to this.

Dot.tk is a giant parking page SCAM set up to lure you in by offering FREE domains only to bait and switch you once your website traffic starts rolling on in.

In my case, they stole several of my high traffic domains without any notice and parked them to earn money from the back link traffic. No notice was sent to me as to why, nor was I able to reclaim them by any means. My phone calls and faxes fell upon-deaf ears as well.

Webmasters beware! I confirmed this by setting up dummy domain and then blasting it with visitors. Once the count goes to be above 500 per day, the domain mysteriously disappeared from my account!

Another poor aspect of this company is that they do not respond to email contact…that is, if you can find any!
I will never recommend to anyone to use this TLD for registering any domain. You’re much better off with a .info compared to these crooks.

“Your domain will be reclaimed by them and parked at sedo parking once you are popular.”
My Domain : planetcricket(dot)tk and cricketwebs(dot)tk
Daily Visitors: 1000+,800+
Stolen Date: 5-Aug-2010,27 September 2010


PS. SpinalBoxing.tk
Is gone and I got fudged.



Never had problems myself, I wonder how you “blast your site with visitors”


Well you’re next!


Joking but I did just read that a guy had a site for 2 years before it got ghosted. So, you never know when your ticket is up.

I would look into an alternative. I personally will be buying a domain and a service plan. The free service here on 000web has been exceptionally good and the support has been good too, so I can not complain but, we get what we pay for and that is the way life is. :smiley: I will never use a .tk again, that’s for darn sure.


I’ll keep an eye on this, but I’ve never had any issues myself and have several dot.tk domains. I’ve actually been thinking of going ahead and buying my primary one because I like it and don’t want to risk losing it if I forget to renew it. It doesn’t get a huge amount of traffic, but it’s how people find me now.

Hopefully this turns out to be yet another case of “I read it on the internet so it must be true” :rolleyes:

Usually whenever I really look into something like this, there’s always an underlying issue/reason.


Well it happened to me. And the stories are the same.
You go to your DOMAIN Name Panel @ .tk and your .tk site is gone from the list. Then you try to re-register the name and it says that it’s taken and so I visit spinalboxing.tk
And here is what I see now

I don’t need any more proof than this.
My site was taking off and people know me and follow my crazy post for the sake of shiets and giggles.

I will never recommend anyone to use this .tk service and I hope we stop promoting it here on 000web as it is a scam and I am a **victim **of it.


The domain TLD .tk has been good to me since I started using it. It has never caused me such problems.


We only ever hear one side of the story, I’ve never read the ToS at dot tk but there’s probably a chance these sites taken down have broke some rule without even knowing it.


Maybe like “Site blocked for Malware?” I even had this on my .info website :D.


Well use at your own risk. I read that if think they can turn a profit on the name, they will take the site.

I already got my domain name so I can careless what these people do now. They can have it. lol Oh wait, they already do. And no, I was not violating any TOS. I was just posting some rare boxing news.
No hay mal que por bien no venga. There is always light at the end of the tunnel :slight_smile: Like getting a real domain was the light for me. Glad this happened sooner than later to be honest.


had you actually visited my site, you would not be saying this.


Like I said, I will keep an eye on it, and probably go ahead and buy mine. Yours actually has a .com still available. Better grab that before I do and try to sell it back to you :D. In my experience, there have only been a few things that get domains pulled by them.

  1. error pages on your site. If they see error pages on your site repeatedly, it will get pulled and parked as abandoned.

  2. Trademark or copyright infringement

  3. “gaming” their stats system to keep your numbers up

My guess is it might be #1 with some of the server weirdness going on here the last week or two. Probably just bad timing.

Best of luck, and better hurry on that .com…3…2…1…:smiley:

Just kidding,


Spinal, you can update your signature with the new webiste since the .tk domain is gone. And in fact I have my one to get traffic only. My main domain is .info .


You were right Spinal. I just entered and 2 domains were gone. :slight_smile: . But they didnt have any visitors.


yea, that happens if you have no visitors. :wink:


ok, I got the domain :slight_smile:


Its now mine.


Removed message


Even if all if this isn’t true (which from the evidense displayed, it would be fair to say it is true), .TK domains are completely unprofessional.

After I switched my domain to a .org domain (Bypass-Censorship.org), my Google + Bing Pagerank blasted.

So for everyone using free domains, I highly recommend that you switch. On namecheap, you can register a .info domain for less than $3.




How much your daily traffic to that domain?
Will that in top of google ?

If you provide 1000 per day and yes for both questions, your .tk domain will disappear from your domain panel for sure. Please google “dot tk scam” you will find hundreds of stories.
So beware from .tk


If you receive 500- 1000 per day then how your alexa ranking in 24 million some thing. I have same traffic sites showing me around 100,000 to 900,000 range. So you are trying to protect them by sharing wrong information.


In my opinion you SHOULD pay for .tk service because if not it does say in their agreement for free service that it can be taken and sold at any time to anyone willing to pay the fee, This is not usually caused by dot.tk service themselves but that they allow this. There can be one guy who sees profit out of purchasing it out from under your feet and using it for his personal gain, that the problem with their free service is that their TOS supports purchasing the domain that free users use.