Try :)


EDIT: It’s NOT on 000webhost anymore!!!


Looks good. But have you tried to consider using a them for this?


Another horror story about


Nice style man :slight_smile: i liked it


Another horror story about


Another horror story about


Another horror story about

[4 minutes later]

they brought it down due to inactivity, I have many visitors a day! see the amount of visitors that viewed this thread here and compare with date of existence, it’s the combination of time and attention that counts.

the problem is their activity check, when you use cloudflare and have analytics disabled, some bot closes your website…
if you avoid ads as well on your website, there is nothing to gain.

everything is gone, could only reactivate it to start blank

people emailed me why it is gone from visitors from, the largest forum out there, they have no idea how much impact this has on how many people

[4 minutes later]

Another horror story about

keep an eye on @thrutherbot , good source


backup from 23-11 before I had to make all kind of changes because of host changes from a lot of links etc. , one click database restore denied upload:
one of the reasons: Your domain is not yet pointing to our server;

it was configured to work with cloudflare , so they want me to work 24 hours just to something back that was working yesterday, changing nameservers back and forth… they don’t care, don’t expect them to care. they didn’t know the importance, for them, it’s just a website… stay away of fear this weekend


I just hope thought that there will be a happy ending here.


website is back on another host!
make a backup of your own site and move, seriously!