Trying to buy hosting package


Everytime i try to login to my account it always says “Log in failed. Please try again.”


Also says No client found


Hi @Hotaka

Is it in hostinger?


@Hotaka There is no issue with the login system.

Plz try again with correct login details.

If you’re talking about FTP login, then if it fals for the 1st time, then try again again for 2-3 times.


Yeah, do i have to make a new account or something?


Is 000webhost and hostinger not connect with login servers?


@Hotaka Use the same login details, which you provided during the payment.



I did so, i corrected it i even used my email and it said no client found



000webhost and hostinger are different comapnies and they have different DBs


So all my work on the websites on here cannot be transferred


Yes it can be contact their support, they will do it for you. or you can do it manually.


Alright i ordered the package


can the databases be transferred too?


I suggest make backup through PhpMyAdmin interface then restore it.


Make a backup, do i have to do it myself or is there a option for that


Hostinger support can do it for you, contact their support(live chat).

But if you want to do it manually, you can.


You can ask hostinger to transfer your whole website to hostinger. :slightly_smiling_face: