WEBSITE IS DOWN till 11th of january. We’re working on some issues :slight_smile:
Hey guys,
This website is in latvian, so I don’t expect you to register and start posting. I just want to hear your opinion.
TutGear is a project that i’ve been running for 5 years, it was the first tutorial forum in Latvia, of course there are a lot of sites like mine now. Our job is to create and collect tutorials in latvian. As you can/have/will see in the forum area of the website, we have tuts about games, game servers, graphics - Photoshop, web development - scripting, design and so on.
If there are people that are interested in starting, moderating and using TutGear english forum/website, drop me a line :wink:
That’s about it.
Site: http://pamacibas.hostei.com