Unable to access to 000webhost.com my page


I’ve just created an 000webhost account and I’m trying to open it through my browser.
My web address is: selrac.000webhostapp.com
And I write an html a file to check that connection is working called index.html:

         A Small Hello 
   <P>This is very minimal "hello world" HTML document.</P> 

So in my browser I write:


And any page is loaded.
Anyone knows which could be the problem?

Thank you very much.


Have you any scripts at all?
I cannot load the page at all; hit general settings at 000webhost.com and reset website.


Now I’ve reset the website and when I try to load it,
Error 404 appears (before i was unnable to load it)
I’m totally new in this world, excuse for the obvious qüestions.
And thank you!


Hmm can you hit general settings, delete, recreate it - sorry :frowning:


Now, I’ve just create the website again and it looks better.
Thank you.


Take regular backups as well :slight_smile: