Using an already registered domain


Please may you assist. I’m trying to use a domain that I already registered for a website I built using the 000webhost builder. I have added the relevant CNAME record to no avail.


what is your domain name??
Who is your registrar??


My domain name is and my registrar is Web Enchanter (


and what is your * name??



Your domain name is not working because there is no cname updated on you domain dns.

Make sure yo have update cname on your domain dns.(cname:-


I added the CNAME on Friday


Did I do it incorrectly?


No but can you try again after deleting the current cname and also give some cname TTL value “3600”(i see its 0.)


Let me try that. Can you see that the A record IP address present on the domain dig you sent me is a 000webhost web server IP though? That


That’s the IP that you resolve to. If you are to ping


It looks like my CNAME is being recognised by the Global DNS system as an A record.Could that be the issue?


I guess that is not the issue…but don’t try manually to add any “A” records as 000webost is using load balancers .

Have you re updated cname with TTL 1hr(3600) on your domain dns??


Yes I have


I have not added any A records


@charles1 Still i don’t see any cname record added.
Also i see “A” record has been added.

Can you ask your domain support team to update cname for you??
(*Note:- Before asking your domain support…delete 000webhost related records. like “A” and “cname” which you upated.)


Can you ask your domain registrar - or can you do it - change your nameservers


Once changed at registrar login to and set web address, change to park domain and type in your domain name.

Wait a few minutes/hours and then reload your site and it will be displayed perfectly.