Using Google mail with 000webhost


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Ok this may sound silly but please do not bash me.
I currently have one of my domains set to point to another host and there I am using Google Apps email for the domain. On that host I was using phpmailer to create a secure connection to a gmail account for use in a contact form yet this is not allowed on 000webhost (no openssl) and instead the mail function is enabled. If I set the nameservers to yours and change the MX records on here to googles and use the mail function will it try to connect to google apps or will it use the 000webhost server mail functionality? i.e. will it cause a problem to send a mail from a connect form to a email on the same domain?

Sorry I did not see this was in the off topic forum as I found the post via the search facility when looking for information about the subject.


dude chanh, i just wanted to thank you for relieving my headache.

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The exact same thing is possible with windows live:


I did not think to include Live in my post but just update the thread to be inclusive. Thanks


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first of all, i need to have a word to 000webhost, i post a question to 000webhost and no reply at all, over a week.

regarding having webhost @ 000webhost and using mail on ghs.xxxx

after a week+ give and try and fail, i’m kinda figure out the solution :-

  1. DO NOT change your nameserver from your original registrar to 000webhost nameserver.
  2. setup your CNAME and MX record correctly on your original registrar, follow by the guide of Google apps.
  3. ADD ‘A Record’ and point to 000webhost ip address under your original registrar’s DNS record.


hope this can help.


Hi thanks for this chanh.
Is google apps free?
Can you please give me the link to set this this up.
Or do you do it in 000webhost


You will see a link in you cpanel when you click on “MX record”


Great advice chanh
It takes time to set up but it works well.



good work chanh


i create account with my own domain name why it is not active…
my domain is help me…


Have you purchased the domain? Please allow up to 48 hours for the DNS changes to propagate.


sorry there is mistake in domain that is i will try tommorw further thanks.


okay, this was a bit vague and confusing to me, could you please explain this to me?

Here’s my big question;
I’ve setup an account for a roundcube installation.
windows live doesn’t support imap which roundcube needs.
I’ve patched the mx record through 000’s, it’s also still on my domain (should I remove it from my domain?)
Does this mean users from my windows live custom domain can log in to the roundcube install the same way an email account setup using 000’s software would?

And next question; if I disable ssl for my google apps, can I use this roundcube install with google apps? and if so, how?


webmail on 000webhost is running on 000webhost and MX using external mail server like Live mail or Google apps is running on external server outside of 000webhost. You can’t use 000webhost webmail with external mail service.


I think you misunderstood, I installed roundcube on my site (as in, if you go to, you get roundcube).

Which still leaves the question, if I disable ssl for my google apps account, can I login using my roundcube? I’m asking because 000 doesn’t have ssl, and it would be nice to be able to use roundcube with google apps


for sure 000webhost does not allow ssl but the question whether roundcube will work with Google app or live mail is should be ask at roundcube support site.

but if roundcube supports imap and your external mail provider support imap then it should work.


I been using Google Apps for my mail in the way chanh described. Works a treat! I’ve registered my address as a Windows Live ID as well so I can sign into messenger with it. :wink:


perhaps I am missing something obvious. I have a domain, i setup the mx server, but how do i send an email using php that uses google app mail as the outbound server?