Waiting Nameservers



I changed the nameservers on my domain provider yesterday. Already checkd and the DNS was fully replicated.
But at the cpanel the domain status is still “Waiting for Nameservers”.
I already tried to trigger the manual check, doesn’t work.

I think the checker on cpanel has some kind of dns cache.

Can you help me?


What’s your domain name?




Sorry but you cannot park subdomains.
You can go grab a free one from https://freenom.com or buy one at hostinger https://hostinger.com


This is not a subdomain


From where did you get it?



Websites in Brazil use this pattern .com.br as suffix.


Hmmm, that’s weird, can I see your nameservers in your domain registrar cPanel?



Nope, the records in registro.br



This isn’t a top level domain, but a second level domain.


And why is this a problem?

I am using this domain for years, it was working until yesterday at hostinger web hosting…

I am just migrating the host.


When did you migrate to hostinger?
And do you want to park this domain at hostinger?


No, I have a free account at hosting that is an old plan. My problem with hostinger is that the FTP is terrible and does not work most of time.
So I am migrating from hostinger to 000webhost (That I understand is also a hostinger company)


Hmmm… That’s weird, I’ll forward this issue to the admins. :confused:


Thanks you very much


They suggest you to wait some time.


Can you screenshot your set web address page at 000webhost please and thank you.



It just started to work without changes.