Wallpaper for 000.webhost.com


Hi, Everybody I am new to this & saying sorry! for my poor ‘english’ & long epic

OK i am creating a website for wallpapers lover it is not ready yet, but still i take out some time for 000webhost.com. I don’t have a word for saying anything to this awesome website i have found. This is really good website and very easy to use. I made 1 wallpaper for 000webhost hope you all like this.

[U]Thanks Everybody.[/U] :slight_smile:


Very nice. I can’t wait to see the rest of your site when you finish it.


Thanks, for reply soon it will be ready.


Is this soon already?


aun no seran ajustes de eso


Meh, it’s cool, but like, 000webhost has nothing to do with skateboarding. (but I do indeed like it tho)


very nice :wink:


i did not see that. can u re-upload


Woo Its really looking cool :slight_smile:


Wow. Very colourful… :slight_smile:


:), it’s nice.


thanks, very good, but i did not see that.


how to see it full size…!


can i get one wallpaper for myself :wink:


Hi Guys Can We create a wallpaper website on 000webhost??

Any Suggestions??


yup. definitely i will use your service. if you were plan to create that kind of website.