Website Builder Disappeared! Help Me


zyro builder hide and i cant intet to my web to add somethink


Zyro was under testing yesterday, that could be the problem. Remember you can always check the status page to see if some monitors are down :grinning: Don’t worry staff will fix this soon.


Worpress seems to be working I couldn’t understand you what was the problem with it. Can you please tell me more clearly and detailed what happened with wordpress. :relaxed:


And what about wordpress builder it cont open


hmm. Please wait i’m gonna try to see what is the problem.


Wordpress seems to be working
Could you please provide me your website’s name?



Please try managing your website from here


iam working with zyro builder


Zyro seems to work too


Did you change your database password?


I actually built the site but zyer cant ope


Your site can’t open or is it zyro the one that can’t open?


i cant open the zyer builder but the site open


What can you see when you click the Website Builder option, Do you see an error?



The special window of th zyro does not appear


I made a direct access link to the builder for your website. Please check if this works


Did that work? :slight_smile:


the link open But the window zyro still does not appear