Website builder, number of selling units


I’m building a shop with the website builder but I can’t see the option where to set how many
units are available of every selling item so that it will be not available for selling anymore once all units are finished. Is it possible to do that?
Also I tried to make subcategories inside the menu shop, but every time I add a new category in there I need to choose a template, in this case I choose the shop main menu template for all the subcategories. The problem is that it not only copy the template but all the content. So every time I add a new product in a subcategory it will change in all subcategories, also in the main menu, which is ridiculous. Am I doing something wrong?


Hi, I can probably help you best with this.

Regarding the number of available units, this is not a feature that I believe has been added to the website builder (which is why I have asked the Zyro developers to add it), which means if you want to do this, you’ll have to do it some other way. The easiest I can think of is to do it using a text box, adding the text, and changing it every time the item sells. I know this seems tedious (and I understand why), but until a feature like that is added, it’s your easiest alternative.

Secondly, regarding the subcategories, I believe its meant to reset all the fields and make you choose the template/copy the content again (not sure why, though). I can request that this be changed or an auto populate/copy template feature be added. In the mean time, I apologize for the inconvenience.


Thank you so much for your reply.
Unfortunately I don’t think that using a text box will solve the problem, because my main
concern is… if for instead I have just one unit of an specific product and someone buy two
of them or there are multiple sellings at the same time that would be a problem.
I hope they will add that option soon.