Website change server error


hello dears,hope u be fine all,i have a problem to publish a change in my website,i have made a change in my website but it dosent can i fix it?can u quide me?thanks


Our devs are trying to fix this error.


`hi dear,when will u fix it?


hope this year or maybe milenium :slight_smile:



Are you using Zyro?


yes i am,how can i fix my problem?my website doent publish.


We are really sorry for the inconvenience. :disappointed_relieved:

I have informed our developers about this. However, they are not at their computers right now. Please keep patience.

Upgrade to hostinger to avoid these problems.


hi,i cant upgrade right now,how can i fix my problem,is there other way?


Should be working now :slight_smile:


it doent work and i can publish my changes in my website.there is e server error ,this is the message that is shown when im making publish.what shall i do?can u guide me?


Okay got a reply from the devs.
The zyro issue is really complicated and might take some days-weeks.


weeks ?? sorry, but this is not a good sign for good hosting …If HOSTING is good, it does not have such problems … With this kind of problems I only met with ZYRO web builder


Actually zyro bugs can occur, not?
And it is free hosting too, so it may take longer than paid hosting (if it ever occurs there) :slight_smile:


This is free hosting, our hosting is fine - the beta of Zyro which you DO NOT HAVE TO USE is having issues.
Feel free to seek alternative free hosting if you feel you cannot continue without Zyro.