Website dissappeared


I have been doing some testing using 000webhost for the last week and all of sudden my website has disappeared. I just get a black screen with some text saying “There’s nothing here, yet.
Start your website”

Everything is still on the FTP and even the hosting dashboard says the site is running. Has anyone run into this issue before? The web addy is

Thanks in advance for any help.


Mine is also down. Also a recent website in test. I guess their servers are down.


Ok…glad it’s not just me. Thanks!


Mine tooo… Bleh… Was excited to test the final version of the website live, and there it goes BAM!!! no such website :frowning:
Hopefully by morning it will come back online


I guess you get what you pay for…or in this case don’t pay for in free web hosting. Thank goodness I am just using this service for testing. :joy:


My website dissappeared also, why? also cannot get my phone AT&T verified thru SMS another error sent back by system, someone please help, I would buy premium but cannot even test the free to see if it works well, sad


I would just give it some time and try again later. From what I have read these free hosting services server can go down fairly often. If it’s not back up in a day or so then submit a ticket. Post up back in this thread if your website does return. :slight_smile:


it is juct unstable and i have no idea why :\


I am trying out this host through their free services - it was all going very well with my wordpress main website re-built on my domain which I parked. Today it is coming up with what you report, ‘There’s nothing here yet’ when the site has been fully published for the last 7 days. I was considering using them but now this does not inspire confidence-we all expect occasional outages, it is a part of the territory, but this complete failure is not good.


My two sites are on the blink too . . .

Do they not have a place where they post system wide issues such as this ? They could do it on Twitter . . .

A week or so back they were having similar issues. I signed up in this forum so I could post asking about it but never got a reply.


Same here. T’was fine for a couple of days. Guess have to wait for awhile and pray it comes back online soon:(.


Wow! Just said prayed it comes back soon and it did! Hope they won’t be down again. Thanks to all:).


Well it disappeared again:(. Hmmmm.


Well Guys, I might say that all of us were at this point of disappointment, whether who has its own domain or a free user of subdomain names. But I have been figuring this out. Lately, changing the address name was so easy but then suddenly they have these instructions of Park Domain, Free Subdomain, and Point Domain, that just completely we were caught unaware, and they dont have these notifications at all.

So here’s what I have noticed, when you try to click your website like this, this will lead us to a page that says, Nothing to show on this site. Right? but if you try it out again, with a forward slash after the ‘.com/’ it turns out that there is your website still existing.

But the problem now, we dont have any idea on how ti change that to a free subdomain (just like me) to its subdomain name. like or, That is the question on how we can change it back, cause its quite long. AND NOTICE THIS, in your address bar, it should be https://… not http:// because when you do http:// it well direct you to a page that your site is a phishing site or something and encouraging your visitors of your website to go back and do not pursue on your website.

So I would like to ask this one to the administrator, what should we gonna do, like me as a free user of subdomain name, where it was before.

Thank you, hope that people here would respond quickly on this matter.


You can change to or other similar subdomains within your control panel.

#16 seems to be back up now . . .