Website is so slow!



Just created my free website yesterday with Wordpress. But since, the site and the backend are so slow. It’s almost impossible to edit, I can’t even load new template, I had to install it with my FTP access.

Last year I was using a free offer on Hostinger and it was fast with lot of possibilities. But this offer is not longer available and I can’t access my “Test website”.

This is why i’ve created an account here, but Is it always this slow for the free offer or it’s something temporary ?

This is my website :

thank you.


Result for login page :!/eMFlzP/

sometimes it takes 1 min to load a page of 500 ko


I don’t understand… everything was fine when I was using the free hostinger offer…

My site on 000webhost is horribly slow and sometimes it’s just go offline (like now, and it’s not the sleep hour).

Why go premium if the free offer show you the worst service ever. Even whit the ad “go on hostinger it’s 5x faster”… But 5x faster of this, it’s still slow…

And it’s not what I put on the site, it’s like that since the installation of wordpress with the 000webhost panel.


Well, I recommend trying premium for 1 month, you can get a full refund using 1 month policy.