Website Keeps On Going Down On Me


My website keeps going down when the domain is registered and doesnt expire till Nov 7th of 2018! The DNS is pointed to the 000webhost servers but keeps giving me this message:

There’s nothing here, yet.
This domain is ready to be registered.

Domain is registered! If this isn’t fixed I am leaving 000webhost…


Hi @ChrisBOnTheWeb

Do you have CNAME records?


NEVER HAD ISSUES before that outage! Has to be ur end! Not mine Ive not changed nothing!

#6 is my domain name is the web host app url


have to keep publishing to keep it up!


Working fine on my end.


it has gone back up again not sure how long, well its going up and down on me


Let us know if it goes down again. :slight_smile:


Ok I will thanks again! :slight_smile:


We are adding new servers as we got huge traffic these days. So there may be some downtime.

I would like to suggest you hostinger premium as it has 90% at this moment (1 hour more)


ok im planning to upgrade next year actually! :wink:


Glad to here that! We look forward to you upgrading. :wink:




KEEPS Going up and down! what the heck!!!


Your site is working fine on my end. :slight_smile:


I have informed our developers about this.

BTW, post a screenshot here when website goes down


hERE: 9dca2e48d6a6c9170e140f0dcc57980c2e031eb4_1_690x365


as far as I’m clear IM DONE.



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