Website oversleeping, upgrade to Hostinger. What to do next?


So my website has been asleep for more than 24 hours now and I need it for work. I upgraded to Hostinger but I can’t seem to find out how can I access my website now?

Please help!


Hi @m.tolingan!

Please quickly contact Hostinger Support and ask them to move your website to their servers. You’ll also manage to login to the new cPanel:


I already sent them a chat but I’m in queue for more than 30 minutes now.


Yes, they’re busy since Black Friday. I have awaken both your sites but they’ll go back to sleep shortly (please read this topic for more information).

Once Hostinger replies and migrates your data you’ll be off 000webhost and off troubles :wink:


Thank you! But I need permanent solution for this since I will be needing my website for some upgrades that I will be doing.


The permanent solution is Hostinger. Wait in their queue and you’ll be fine :wink:


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