Website punctuation not displaying correctly


I have a problem similar to the one described and illustrated in an earlier “website building” topic entitled “What’s wrong with my site”. The problem was indicated as solved and the topic closed, but I cannot see details of the solution. Where do I find that solution?


Please explain your problem in depth :slight_smile:


What should display as punctuation marks/symbols on the site (such as: ! ’ , etc,) show up as little black diamonds containing small white question marks - all over the website.


hi @yoga4beginners

Save your file with UTF-8 encoding and upload it. You can use sublime text 3 or notepad ++ to do it easily.

If it won’t work give us your web address


Did that - and the site now displays perfectly! Thank you Supun, for your prompt response and assistance.


Welcome @yoga4beginners

If you have any problem, feel free to open new topic :slightly_smiling_face: