Website Registration System + profiles



I have a few questions need advise. If I have different services on my website example Classifieds , Dating , live cams etc. And I want to have a Account Registration system where members can also select which services they want to signup for in one registration setup also able to edit the services later if they which to do so.

How would it in wordpress and which apps should I use and how to link the services?

The the profile setup for the different services , each service needs a different profile how would a create the forms for the profiles and link it to the service I want and which apps should I use?


Every website must have its own API, and your main website would have access to all of these APIs and use them to do all the actions you mentioned.


Sorry, I cannot program in PHP because I don't have a cell phone a and I cannot log in with 000webhost site ... I don't have cell phone because my village is full of high mountain and it not work. :confused:


You don't need to confirm your phone number with 000webhost; you can if you want; but it doesn't do anything really yet.



I am lost not sure how to do it


Any Advise how to it step by step ?


@scinvads i suggest check youtube for tutorials on Registration system.


This may or may not help.