Website reported for abuse & “Sleeping”


I have received the following message from 000webhost:

Your website was reported by 3rd party abuse detection system - SiftScience.
Reason: Overloading web server or MySQL

I think I have idea what the problem is ( forum plugin for wordpress), but I can’t log in to panel and website.

Please someone from staff help me unblocking site. Thanks.


Unsuspended, please fix that! :slight_smile:


Thank you for unsuspending, but there is no site there. Can you help with that?


I forwarded that issue to the admins.


What email do you use for


Thank you


Your site was suspended on 2017-08-16

I believe since there was no appeal for 30 days it has been deleted.

Hopefully I am wrong but I’ve a feeling that is why it is no longer there :frowning:


It maybe the case. Is it possible to recover it?


Unfortunately we do not keep backups :frowning:


I see. well It’s sad…


It is! :frowning:
I always encourage users to take weekly backups and whenever they make a change to download a backup also


Hello! I have a backup and I’m trying to restore site with wordpress plugin (all in one migration) but encounter error and import doesn’t finish. And i see in console error 504 gateway timeout . And import doesn’t finish. Import file is small only 100Mb. It starts the proces but during database restoration hangs


The max. file upload size is 8 MB on free plans.
Not sure how that plugin works though…


Well that plugin is included with your standard installation of WordPress.
I just need to restore website that was deleted and I have a backup. How can I do it?


Use FTP for uploads of anything.

Web page upload max is 8mb sorry.


The problem is website was deleted by system and I have backup for it done in the plugin that is provided with wordpress instalation.

It does’t stop because of upload limit but because of limit of script execution time or something similar (I don’t know the configuration). The plugin doesn’t use upload method.

Please just for restoring process lift the limits so that it would be possible for that time.


No limits can be lifted.

Use FileZilla to upload your files and then import them using the web browser.


I have backup file done with the plugin that is included with your standard installation and I can’t open it with winrar to extract anything and then upload by ftp.
It’s only one file with .wpress that uploads successfully and starts the process but after two minutes of import at 40-50% hangs with error 504 gateway timeout.


Can I get a few screenshots? I’ve never stumbled on this before.


sure just few minutes