What are spam links? how i removed from my backlinks


what are spam links? how i removed from my backlinks


using disavow tool, you can remove your spam back link. xD


Someone add your website to black-website ~ you can go to Google WebMaster Tool to disavow tool


These tools are helps to remove spam links,

  1. Remove’em
  2. Linkdelete
  3. Rmoov
  4. Linkquidator
  5. Elbow Grease


There are some paid services. But if you are access of those links. you can go for manual consideration.


Remove them from google webmaster tools.


Spammers are exploiting the Ashley Madison hack by posting links that offer stolen data but lead to booby-trapped web pages and scams.


i agree with this guy


I agree with you … it has opened a new can of worms for spammers.


it means that when you click on it , u will be directed to a infected site on internet which tries to breach your pc firewall and get access to your computer ok


Spam link that is nothing connect with your webiste.