What is going on? http://www.0fees.net wtf?


As I am constantly watching for subdomain name from yestarday, I have seen that now If you wish to make an account and hit 000webhost.com it will automatically redirect you to [URL=“http://www.0fees.net/signup.php”]http://www.0fees.net/signup.php

On the 000webhost say:

» Free Hosting
» Premium Hosting
Price $0.00 $4.84 / month
Disk Space 1500 MB Unlimited Disk Space!
Data Transfer 100 GB / month Unlimited Data Transfer!
Add-on Domains 5 Unlimited
Sub-domains 5 Unlimited
E-mail Addresses 5 Unlimited
MySQL Databases 2 Unlimited

and http://www.0fees.net/signup.php
Is offering:

Free Web Hosting Features
We offer you the most advanced free web hosting (no ads) with PHP and MySQL database support. We have just opened in March 2008, and now we have over 7000 registrations!
250 MB disk space
6 GB Monthly transfer
PHP with MySQL databases
5 Add-on domains
5 Sub domains
PHP Flags manager
FTP account
File manager
Webmail, POP3 email
MYSQL, Php MyAdmin


As far as I can see, if I wish a registration to 000webhost.com I’ll be redirected to 0fees.net and I have to use forum from byet.net and the related cousin here is bytehost.com?

If so,

000webhost.com = bytehost.com ???..


Now, that is very very strange. I am getting the same problem, even with using

1 minute later-
It works now. That was very very wierd.


I am currently starting my portfolio from scratch,

because of bytehost (from various reasons like site not working there, errors, site offline, could not login as admin because of some server memory problems, fopen, sockets and curl are disabled, email/conact function is now suspendet for free accounts etc.) **and so I moved to 000webhost. **

As far as I coud see, playing a little here, 000webhost is the BEST from the industry at this moment and started to recommand it to all my friend’s, but I don’t wish to have nothing, but nothing to do with bytehost.
I am a little scared that website will not work after I put so much effort and time in it.

Edit1: Is there a possibility that 000webhost/order is hacke’d and this could be the reason for that strange and wierd redirection?


http://www.000webhost.com/order.php works fine?


There was a really wierd redirect thing happening for like 5 minutes, everything is fine now. It just redirected you to some 0fees site once you tried to order.


Yes, it is working fine now.
I am still wondering why that happen,

Anyway when you click order now It shoud look like this:


Yup. That’s 000webhost. not 0fees. Seems like everything is ok and fine now :slight_smile: