Where did all my websites go?


I went on my websites, easyteach.tk, shekels.tk, shrekgame.tk and it sent me to the error 000webhost.com website.

I was coding with php and did a lot of work on easyteach.tk with no backup (I never thought this would happen, why would I?)

Can I get by websites back, or at least the code (with ALL files).


Also, what’s up with the dumb new layout, I can’t stand it.


What does your control panel status say?

Try this link https://www.000webhost.com/cpanel-login?to=old

Make sure to log out before clicking this then once clicked log back in.


It just says:

» Domain » Status » Action
shrekgame.tk Cancelled for Inactivity –
shekels.tk Cancelled for Inactivity –
easyteach.tk Cancelled for Inactivity –

With no actions I could do. I really want the PHP code back. Please help.


If cancelled then the data has been deleted, just create a new account and upload your data again if you have it :frowning:


Why is this even a thing? I used the service trusting that all my data wouldn’t just DISAPPEAR. No, I did not create any backups.

If I make another website, how do I make sure it doesn’t get deleted?


Keep regular backups or use premium which would never delete your data and it keeps backups automatically for you, only $3.99 for piece of mind can’t beat that.


Hey James, sorry to hijack, I might start my own thread but assume it will just get locked.
When I go to the old panel it says "Your account has been moved to a new control panel. You can log in here: cPanel Login"
but in the new cPanel I still have no sites, what does this mean?
how would I access my site?


yeah you really need to practice back up…

it hurts to loose months of work but man you gotta backup, its easy to do, if you need help getting a system to keep backups organized just ask.


I keep backups but I have some user content so it’s not feasible to backup the entire site every minute


Is your site showing online currently?