Where you all from?


its seem few member here are came from same country as i’am
im from little town called “solo” Indonesia :smiley:
nice to meet all of you


Bit of a 2 year bump but nevertheless im from sunny ol’ England.


I’m from that big western land mass that some people call the United States of America, the people that live here though just call it the US because they are lazy.


im from philippines, and its nice to be here


Most people at these forum should know where I am from now… Anyway, I’m from Norway :slight_smile:


I am from Vidin, Bulgaria.


Small village in east of Chnia


i am from the heart of bristrol small town called Nailsea in England


I’m from a small country called New Zealand :slight_smile:


I’m from the UK, England to be precise :slight_smile:


Harlem USA

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maryland usa


im in the beautiful country of Australia


I am from sunny Scotland in the UK


Hi, I’m a French Canadian, from Quebec


Hi! I’m from the Philippines. :slight_smile:


Italy right here.


OZ, the Land Downunder, the Great South Land, Australia.
There are lots of Indonesian folks on this greetings board. Selamat Pagi Bali!

I wonder how long you are a Junior member on 000webhost?
The poll of members who have answered this thread is very old.


India boss

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I’m from India.
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