Why was my account deleted?


I had a website running on 000Webhost and have recently (within the past month or so visited the Cpanel for that site but yet today when I tried to go to the site it has gone.

When trying to login to the members area a new account was created without any prompts.

I would like my site restored please.

Please let me know what information you need to do this.


What was your website?

If you login to the panel and it isn’t listed then chances are your data is gone, just create a new website and re-upload any backups you would have taken while logging in regularly to keep your account active.


www.lennoxtraining.co.uk was the url

Just create a new website is not acceptable as it had a database associated with it and therefore my data has been removed without any notification.

Not very good customer service really.


Free webhosting is free hosting at the end of the day, it is a free service reliable maybe, but you chose to use it - you aren’t forced, premium hosting is only $3.99 and has no limitations at all, no suspended sites, no limits, no downtime etc and can configure automatic remote backups.

Keep regular backups when using free hosting, when a site goes down, reupload the data and the database and you’ll be back online in minutes literally.

Regards - James a free web hosting user not staff nor linked with 000webhost


So is there anyway that the data can be recovered? It’s not like the account was unused.

Even free hosting comes with a list of do and dont’s that “users” are expected to aide by which I have done for the past 3 - 4 years.

How do I raise a ticket to have this looked at by a member of 000Webhosting staff?


Backups for free accounts are no longer kept I don’t think.

I have been with 000webhost for many years and many accounts have disappeared but I keep regular backups, then some accounts stay online forever, the system is different I could say.

Ticket system/ support is no longer available to free users, any support is given here by community members.

If you’d like to contact support upgrade to premium for $3.99 per month for instant activation, off site backups, 24/7 support yadada


Visiting the link above I posted does it let you login to the old panel and give a reason for cancellation? i.e. inactivity?


so this was really just a way of making people go from Free hosting to paid hosting.

Who would know if there are backups available for free accounts?

How would I be able to contact them (without having to pay for it?)


Well there are backups available for free accounts, the feature was in your control panel but you would have to had hit the generate backup button every so often, then once generated you would need to download the backup for example…

I use a command to push my backup to another hosting provider each week to keep me safe.

They are migrating from the old control panel to a new control panel so are getting rid of inactive accounts, based on traffic, site content or maybe if you’ve logged into the control panel in the last week kind of deal?


Try these links, make sure you are logged out of the control panel before continuing.


Cannot get to old CP the links just point to the “new” Site list page of which there are no site showing.

is there another way to get to the old Control Panel?


Does the old link request you to login?


Yes but on the new style login page - the trouble is I have registered for a new account using the same email address as the old account - This was automatic when I tried to log in.

I would still like to recover my data from the old server but have had to start recreating the pages as I have people who need to use the content.

Despite sticking with 000webhost after the leak of information in 2015, I feel now that I have been treated very badly in terms of there being no contact regarding the change over to the new platform and without any warning of potential data loss very unprofessional, even for free hosting which is still “providing a service” which should also have terms of service if I am expected to follow a code of conduct so to speak, so should the service provider.


I don’t think there is any data for you to recover unfortunately.

Try using the way back machine / cachedview / viewsitecache / Google your website and clicked “cached” and retrieve any information that way if your site was popular it will be online somewhere else just re-create I know it sucks it has happened to me way too many times but now -fingers crossed- I always keep regular backups :confused: