Wordpress/000Web Host account lost


Hi there,

Just want to say this is a great forum as the last time I had an issue with 000Webhost, it was solved within a few days. Great work everyone. Appreciate it immeasurably.

Now I have an issue with my account. I used an account to sign in to 000webhost and my site no longer appears below my website lists. I am unsure as to why this is. Ever since I connected my domain www.exrban dot com (for ref) to Wordpress. This issue has been apparent.

Any help would be fantastic as this is a great hosting service coupled with a great community.

Thanks, Zack Emmerson.


Hi, it seems this is happening to a few people. We’re investigating the issue, and as you’ve said, it could take a few days. Hope not, but please be patient. (I apologize for the inconvenience, of course).


Hi, I appreciate the response. No worries. Hope to see this solved.