Wordpress Automatic Updates



Correspondence received indicated that hookonbook was wordpress upgraded, however its not wordpress. Please cancel wordpress auto updates for hookonbook. Also
000webhostapp dot com extension is populating in internet searches instead of host22 dot com


@Maisie Why do you want to disable automatic updates for your wordpress website??

We can’t help you much with the Search engine optimization, as this is free hosting.


Hi its not a wordpress site.


:neutral_face::neutral_face: I see wordpress files in File Manager related to your Free Subdomain (hookonbook.host22.com).

Can you describe briefly about your issue??


After clicking on the website link, go to the site’s home page, menu item donate, Click the facebook share button on the left panel while still on the homepage. This is where you’ll notice the wordpress comments, Anytime the home page is posted the message occurs. The files might have been put there when a previous update was done.

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A recent update was done yesterday which caused the issue to resurface. Is there a way to filter the websites so the updates wont roll over to non Wordpress sites?

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Maisie Aletha Smikle



The same error occurred again today. Apparently whenever wordpress updates this is what happens. My site was not designed with Wordpress so the wordpress updates should not affect it.