Wrong encoding on uploaded files


Hello all,

In my localhost, all the files for my site have the right encoding (UTF-8 without BOM) and the greek letters appear correctly.
When I upload the same files in file management , automatically the greek letters are converted to symbols. The english letters are ok.
I use charset UTF-8 in my files and I have tried to download and open the uploaded file in Notepad++ and the issue remains.
Some days ago, this issue didn’t exist.

The picture below shows two printscreens from a file opened in file management (which shows the problem) and the same file in Notepad++ where everything is ok.

Is it possible to have a solution to my problem? I believe that other users must face the same problem since it affects all non Ascii characters.

Thank you in advance,


Same here -_- i also tried many ways to correct it and get to work. setting charset to utf-8 also didn’t work for me in Maldivian language using in my html files. need a quick solution


Yes, facing the same problem in Spanish. Works fine offline and worked fine a few days ago. It changed suddenly.


I did forward this to administration they’ve not replied yet.