.XYZ Domains only $0.99


.XYZ Domains are only $0.99 from Hostinger!

When you purchase these domains via Hostinger you can park them here at 000webhost with NO BANNERS!
Meaning the 000webhost advertisement will not appear in the bottom right of your site :slight_smile:

All domains purchased via Hostinger.com come with branding disabled - which again means no banner will show so if you’d like a .com or .net or any then choose it via Hostinger :smiley:

Simply head over to 000webhost.com and login, once logged in choose " Set Web Address "

Type in your require domain name

Find your .XYZ domain

Select purchase and you’ll be redirected

Choose a payment method

Check out successfully and you’ll be redirected back to 000webhost.com where your newly purchased domain will be linked to your 000webhostapp :slight_smile: