Your web site will be sleeping for 4 hours


When I open my account, I saw a new setting which is "Set website sleeping time frame. It takes 30 minutes for the changes to take effect. To suffice all users with equally high quality services, your website will be sleeping for 4 hours every day. "

So I have questions. From now, wiil my free website be unreachable for 4 hours every day ? If I do not reach the bandwithlimit, why do you need this 4 hours limitation ? It is already sufficient for 000webhost without exceeding bandwith. I really feel disappointed :(.
May be I might have misunderstood. Is there anyone who is available to answer my questions ? Thank you already…


Hey @alpintomtom!

We are currently testing this feature for users registered within the last 2 months. This is to help us provide you with the best hosting possible and without downtime too. We will make sure to inform all users about this features if it does make it into 000webhost. :slight_smile:

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