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Default mysql_real_escape_string - 02-21-2012, 05:35 PM

this is my test :

$creds=sprintf("uname='%s', pword='%s'", mysql_real_escape_string($uname), mysql_real_escape_string($pword));


here is the errors:
Warning: mysql_real_escape_string() [function.mysql-real-escape-string]: Access denied for user 'a1345185'@'localhost' (using password: NO) in /home/a1345185/public_html/register/test.php on line 5

Warning: mysql_real_escape_string() [function.mysql-real-escape-string]: A link to the server could not be established in /home/a1345185/public_html/register/test.php on line 5

What does it mean about the password?
Is there something else I'm missing?
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Default 02-21-2012, 06:31 PM

1. Your connecting to localhost not the mysql server, you need to use mysql* (replace the * with the mysql server you are on)
2. Databases have passwords, this will be the one you entered when you setup the database.

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Default 02-21-2012, 10:07 PM

This function has nothing to do with the data base. I only have the scripting that you see there.

Are you required to connect to the db to use this function?
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Default 02-21-2012, 10:28 PM

Your error means that you need to use a password, (the one you made while making the db) to login. Also, you cannot login at "localhost", you must use something that looks like mysql*

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Default 02-21-2012, 11:23 PM

To use mysql_real_escape_string() function, you need to add database connection script as shown below.

PHP Code:
mysql_connect("""a336xxxx_test","******") or die(mysql_error());


$creds=sprintf("uname='%s', pword='%s'"mysql_real_escape_string($uname), mysql_real_escape_string($pword));

I tested a code similar to above in my localhost server, and it works fine.

Just for your information:

Even if "" is used as host in database connection script, the error message
will show something like 'a1345185'@'localhost' if there's something wrong with the script.
In other words, it's normal to have 'localhost' in the error message.

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