Getting banned from AdSense might feel frustrating. But, you shouldn’t worry too much about it, as there are AdSense alternatives that you can utilize to earn money from blogs and websites.

In this article, we will discuss the best Google AdSense alternatives, to help you make the right pick.

What is AdSense?

AdSense is a program started by Google, that displays contextual ads on various websites. To this day, AdSense is considered to be the best pay-per-click program to earn money online.

Placing ads on your website or a blog is one of the easiest ways to monetize it and make extra money. As a blogger or a website owner, all you need to do is sign up with AdSense and place their code to your site.

AdSense has tools called spiders, that crawl your site to check your content and display ads related to it.

However, there are a few downsides to this popular advertisement program. First being that you will only make a considerable amount of money if you have high traffic on your website. If a user doesn’t get the expected amount of visitors – AdSense might ban them.

Another drawback is that users from India and China should have their website for a period of six months or longer before AdSense allows ads to be placed.

Best 15 Google Adsense Alternatives

Now, if you want to make money online you might be worried that AdSense is too complicated or has too many conditions. You shouldn’t worry! There are plenty of AdSense alternatives to explore:

1. Media.Net homepage is an established player in the advertising industry. It is one of the top five global ad tech companies and the second largest company contextual ads. Currently, manages traffic worth of 70+ million monthly paid ad clicks.

One big pro of using is the fact that instead of using personal user information gained via cookies, it relies on content and user intent.

The system allows users to gain organic engagement which leads to higher conversion rates. This means – more money and more quality content.

What is more, also provides Programmatic Platforms. Using the platform, you can have the highest bidding ads on your site without slowing down page loading time. So, the user experience won’t be affected.

Moreover, Programmatic Platforms give additional access to Marketplace, actionable insights, and detailed reports of ads performance.

Best features:

  • Broad access to advertisers
  • Optimized ads
  • Display-to-search (D2S) system for maximized conversion
  • 24/7 Global Account Management Team


  • Doesn’t rely on cookies to create ads
  • Open and transparent with data reporting


  • Low acceptance rates
  • Traffic dominated from US, UK, and Canada

2. AdMaven

AdMaven has over ten years of experience. The company has spent years bringing both publishers and advertisers to the full potential of online marketing.

The ads company monetizes every single user and ad impression. So there is a greater chance of getting more ads revenue. AdMaven calculates the best price for 1000 impressions (ECPM) which only increases earnings.

The company provides users with an easy to use interface, which makes management a walk in the park. Since they have a self-service option, you don’t have to worry about ugly ads popping up on your website.

Best features:

  • Self-service platform for easy and fast ads integration
  • A large variety of ads formats
  • Ad-block bypass.
  • Mobile in-app monetization


  • Various payment methods
  • Minimum $50 payout
  • Easy to follow step-by-step tutorials


  • No analytics and details reporting
  • No interactive ads

3. InfoLinks

infolinks homepage

InfoLinks is the third largest publisher marketplace with more than 100,000 websites and 1,5 billion monthly ad views. It works with many high profile advertisers like Nike, Virgin Airlines, Dell, Best Buy and Netflix.

Using the intent-driven system, InfoLinks maximizes relevancy of ads showed. This is crucial to increase user engagement to the ads.

InfoLinks doesn’t use a fixed pay our rate (CPM) for publishers. It allows each advertiser to decide the price per view.

For engaged-ads, publishers get 65% of revenue shares. The pay put can be huge if users purchase highly-priced products.

Besides getting money from ads, you can earn from the Infolinks Publisher Referral Program. The program allows you to refer the InfoLinks service using a unique link. When using the program, you will get 10% of referees’ revenue for 12 months.

Best features:

  • InText: generating ads from relevant keywords
  • InArticle: showing ads based on content
  • Referral program


  • Resourceful blog and FAQ
  • No minimum amount of traffic


  • Revenue depends on users purchase power
  • No options to evaluate each ad units performance

4. BuySellAds

buysellads homepage

BuySellAds is a monetization solution chosen by over 1200 publishers. The company provides direct access to more than 4500 advertisers through their Marketplace.

BuySellAds provides various products and services. It implements native ad units for full user experience. What is more, it also optimizes server-to-server header-bidding ads. Plus, it enables sales automation so publishers can focus more on getting higher paying ads.

Other than that, BuySellAds lets you hire a team who will take care of your ad sales and other operations.

Best features:

  • Options to design native ads or to use pre-built ones
  • Direct access to advertisers via Marketplace
  • An optimized server-to-server bidding system
  • Provided team for as sales and ad operations


  • Direct access to global advertisers
  • Centralized payment system


  • Only suitable for high-traffic websites

5. Chitika

chitika homepage

Chitika is another excellent AdSense alternative. It has more than 350,000 publishers and displays four billion monthly ads.

Chitika is super easy to use. It has an intuitive user interface and various options for ad customization.

All you need to do to get stater is go to Get Code and choose the color, size, and ad units which compliment your website. You will get a code, that you can place on your site.

In the same settings page, you can also keep track of how the units perform. Click on Report tab and fill in the name for the Channel. Do this before getting the code and paste it on the web.

For extra earnings, you can use Chitika alongside with Google AdSense.

Best features:

  • Easy ad customization with Code Creator


  • Compatible with any CMS or website builder platform
  • Supported payout to 200 countries and 150 currencies


  • Impressions only generated from web browsing
  • Email support only works for high-earning publishers.
  • Relatively low CPM

6. Amazon Associates

amazon associates homepage

As a trusted e-commerce leader, Amazon provides an easy way to make money online. It is a powerful and easy to use AdSense alternative.

With Amazon, you get the tools to create a customizable display for specific products. You can also add banners for product categories, seasonal offerings, discounts and much more.

One thing to keep in mind, that with Amazon you need to get at least three confirmed sales in the first 180 days. If you fail to do so, your associate membership will be canceled.

Amazon also has a great affiliate program. With Amazon Bounty Program you can earn money by promoting Amazon services like Audible, Amazon Prime, or Music Unlimited. With Amazon Trade-In lets you will get up to 4% advertising fees from customers who sell their things to Amazon.

Best features:

  • Easy link and earning management with Site Stripe
  • Customizable ad units.
  • Wide selection of banners
  • Native Shopping Ads automatically show only relevant ads



  • Cannot re-apply once registration rejected

7. Revenue Hits

revenue hits homepage

Revenue Hits is a fantastic AdSense alternative for smaller websites. With this service, anyone can monetize their site, since Revenue Hits doesn’t have a necessary amount of minimum traffic. As long as you promote no illegal and unethical activities, you can start making money from ads.

With relations to 5,000 advertisers, the ad network opens a greater chance for monetizing websites. None of the ads displayed will interfere with your SEO and page loads time.

Best features:

  • 24/7 multilevel ad tracking and reports on performance
  • Usage of pop-ups and banners to bypass AdBlock
  • Active geolocation


  • No minimum traffic to register
  • Counts both desktop and mobile traffic
  • $20 minimum payout using Payoneer


  • Cannot work along with other ad companies
  • At least of 5,000 impressions/day needed to get a substantial revenue

8. Bidvertiser

bidvertiser homepage

Bidvertiser is an established player in the ad industry and is an excellent AdSense alternative. Since 2003, the company has worked with over 80,000 publishers. Every day, it provides 450 million ads for potential customers.

The company doesn’t have a set requirement for traffic, so even small websites can get monetized. However, they have strict content regulations. For example, if your content contains any profanity – chances are you will not get accepted into the program.

Customers are the most important for Bidvertiser. Thus you can ask for technical support by issuing tickets. For any other business related to the services, you can contact account managers via Skype, direct email and phone.

Best features:

  • Native Ads blends well with your content
  • JavaScript or HTML traffic optimization


  • $10 minimum withdrawal with PayPal and Payza
  • Safe ads display
  • Implement three different ads systems: CPM, CPA, and CPC.


  • No accurate estimates of how much each ads system earn

9. Yllix Publisher

ylix publishers homepage

Ylix Publisher is a fantastic AdSense alternative. It is open for any publisher and traffic from all countries. No manual verification so once you create an account it will be automatically active.

With 100% worldwide fill rate, Ylix efficiently uses the ad space you own.

Ylix also offers different formats of ad units. There are banners, redirect, pop-ups, layers, and direct links. All these offer flexibility to create the best user experience and engagement.

Best features:

  • Instant account approval
  • CPM, CPC, and CPA ad campaigns included
  • Traffic Availability estimates traffic volume and bids
  • Compatible with Blogger/Blogspot


  • Daily payment with $1 minimum pullout
  • Open to any publisher worldwide
  • Worldwide traffic


  • Relatively low CPM rates
  • Relying on conversion rates to get more revenue

10. Beacon Ads

beacon ad network homepage

Beacon is a religious ad network targetting Christian audiences. If your website relates to this topic, Beacon is an excellent AdSense alternative.

Via Marketplace, Beacon helps publishers reach out to advertisers. It’s where publishers promote their own ad space. Marketplace also lets them set their individual rates per 1000 impressions.

Every ad zone will be offered for 30 days display which is beneficial for both parties. Advertisers don’t have to wait a long time to get targeted impressions, while publishers can be more efficient with their ad space and time.

The system promises a transparent and reliable transaction system for both parties.

With only JPG, GIF, and PNG files permitted to be displayed, publishers website won’t suffer from page load times.

Best features:

  • Competitive and transparent Marketplace
  • Efficient direct ad sales


  • Publishers have full control to set their CPM rate
  • Quality ads with
  • Free signup


  • Overly competitive for new publishers
  • Target specific audience

11. Viglinks

viglink homepage

If you have loyal a loyal following, this ad service should be your pick. With the CPM and CPC ad types, it is easy to make money with Viglinks.

Viglinks works with the highest bidders. When you put a product link or mention a product name, it will show ads from the highest paying merchant. The same system works with shareable links on social media.

With performance metrics, you can track data to understand your audience better. What content does your audience enjoy the most? How do they engage with ads on site? What do they usually purchase? Where do they go after leaving your site?

These insights will be helpful for you to plan your content. Besides, you can use the metrics to target specific merchants or trending products.

Best features:

  • In-depth analytics
  • Automatic display of highest paying merchants
  • Monetenized link sharing on social media


  • Beginner friendly interface
  • Easy installation


  • High traffic won’t guarantee revenue

12. GumGum

gumgum homepage

As an artificial intelligence company, GumGum upholds a different approach to the ads industry.

With the help of AI, GumGum places ads where people put the most attention. Plus, it automatically designs attention-grabbing ads.

All the displayed ads are mobile device friendly, which means your website will look great on all devices. It also has video ads which are contextual to the website’s content.

With all these innovations, GumGum makes ads 70% more visible and evokes seven times more engagement, which means a greater chance to earn more.

Best features:

  • Access to 100 Fortune advertisers via Header Bidding
  • Variety of impactful ad units
  • Ads relevant to the content


  • Fast loading speed
  • In-depth insights
  • Dedicated support


  • No information about the CPM rate

13. Taboola

taboola homepage

Taboola works with thousands of global brands. Every month, it recommends over 450 billion products, and services to over 1.4 billion visitors.

Compared to other ad companies, Taboola has pretty basic ad units. However, all of them are designed well and blend seamlessly into your content.

The ad management system is also worth praise. Taboola has an Editorial Control feature to control content recommendations on the publishers’ sites. It allows you to block specific keywords and domains from showing up.

Another great feature is the Audience Exchange. The feature helps you manage and increase traffic from network sisters or partner sites.

Best features:

  • Dedicated Taboola Feed
  • Content performance and visit value analytics
  • Exchanging audience with partners and third-party sites
  • Personalized user experience


  • Greater control to manage ad units
  • Resources in the form of case studies, best practices, recorded webinars, e-books, and trends are available
  • Suitable for news portal and other informational websites


  • Ad units less vary
  • Your niche will affect your earnings

14. Adbuff

adbuff homepage

Adbuff is another excellent AdSense Alternative. It claims to be the highest paying ad company for the CPM rate.

However, Adbuff is pretty demanding. Video-based websites, article submissions, ecommerce, MP3 sites are some of the categories which will most likely be rejected

Besides, Adbuff has a certain standard for sites before accepting your approval. It checks your Alexa rank, organic search traffic, domain age, MozRank, inbound links, and social signals.

Best features:

  • Real-time statistics
  • Account manager assigned for each publisher
  • Responsive support


  • Works with CPM and CPC systems
  • $2.05 CPM rate
  • Works best for personal blogs


  • Only accepts English websites with traffic primarily from the US, UK, Australia, and Canada
  • No responsive ads unit is available

15. Adsterra

adsterra homepage

Adsterra is an appealing alternative to AdSense. To this day, it has run over 20,000 successful campaigns and has over 10 billion monthly ad impressions.

Adsterra approves websites from 190 countries in any language. There are two factors which influence your account approval.

First, if your site ranks under one million on Alexa, and second if your site has a popular Facebook page.

Adsterra takes extra attention to user experience. It prevents terrible ads and malicious links from showing on your site.

What is more, it keeps your site running smoothly. Adsterra only uses fixed dimension ads which won’t slow down your site.

Best features:

  • An effective fraud detection system
  • Personal account manager
  • Real-time statistics


  • Twice-a-month payment system
  • Various ad formats
  • Accepted traffic from 190 countries


  • Native advertising and responsive ads aren’t available


Google AdSense is one of the most popular services used to monetize websites and blogs. However, they have very high demands for sites and people get banned for reasons out of their control.

However, there are plenty of great AdSense alternatives for you to explore.

  • Chitika has and easy ad customization, which will allow you to generate the best looking ads for your site.
  • InfoLinks, Revenue Hits, and Bidvertiser are great for small websites, as they don’t have minimum traffic requirements.
  • BuySellAds is perfect for more prominent websites with loyal followers.

All in all, if you want to monetize your website and make money online – there are plenty of great options for you to explore.

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