In this article, we have collected the five best online text editors you can use for free. These tools are great for people who want to access their content wherever they’re on the go. A computer with an internet connection is the only requirement.

Some online text editors don’t only support ordinary text, but also work with a range of programming languages. Without further ado, let’s have a look at our favorites.

What Are Online Text Editors

Text editors are tools that allow you to read and edit text on the internet. They have many great things to offer compared to their offline counterparts:

  • Accessible everywhere. Your work is available online. No need to worry about losing it or leaving it at home.
  • No installation process. The text is ready as soon as you enter the website. 
  • No cluttered tools. Unlike Microsoft Word and other apps, the tools provided here won’t overwhelm you. There are just enough features to get the job done.

Best Online Text Editors

1. Collabedit

Collabedit works best for a team

This online editor doesn’t only work with plain text. It supports programming languages like HTML, Python, and others.

Collabedit also works great for collaborative projects. It lets you invite people to work alongside you.

Another handy feature is the Chat. It makes sure members of the team can work and communicate within the website.

2. myTextarea

myTextarea simple text editor

myTextarea is a plain, no-nonsense text editor with just several features, keeping it nice and simple. Clickable Facebook and Twitter buttons allow sharing content on social media. You can also bookmark the page by clicking the star icon.

Aside from that, there are word and sentence counters at your disposal. Once you’re finished, you can save your document online and come back to it when you need to.

3. WriteURL

writeurl toolbar and page

This web app offers an extensive collection of tools that will let you format and customize the appearance of your text. It can edit font type, color, and size, italicize, bold, and underline words.

After finishing your task, you can share a link on social media or choose to send the content as an email to a specific person.

4. Editpad

editpad the minimalist online text editor

Editpad is the most minimal online text editor on this list. While using it, you will only find one button that saves and downloads your document in .txt.

However, there are several tools you can find when clicking the more button. It displays the character, word, and sentence count, and allows opening the file as a small popup window if you want to keep your screen layout precise and compact.

5. 4 HTML Text Editor

4html's feature-rich text editor

Our last list entry is the most feature-rich option, compared to the other online text editors we mentioned. With the 4 HTML text editor, you get a ton of options that you would with an editor like Microsoft Word. You get features such as text alignment, undo and redo, as well as text formatting. It can even insert images into the document.

If your work involves writing plain text with complex formatting, 4html’s online text editor might completely replace your PC app.


Online text editors are powerful tools that make your workflow portable and fast. All you need is an internet connection, and you can access these services on any PC anywhere.

We covered the five best and most popular options that have unique, and simple features, to help you improve your workflow.


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